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It is hard to find a pediatrician that you put your trust and faith in to care for the most important thing in your life, your children. Dr Francisco-Hugh, and her staff are amazing. Professional, very competent, and most of all caring and human. Will never change to any other pediatrician.

             Lupe O.

I have been a patient of Dr. Hugh for years, referred by a friend who is also a patient.  He is a great doctor, prompt to refer problems that are beyond his expertise.  Great bedside manner.  Never had a problem with getting requested refills.  Love Dr. Hugh!!

                            Deborah Wright

Just started going to Dr. Hugh because I moved here from Missouri. You can tell that he really cares about his patients. I look forward to him being my primary physician for years to come. Everyone in the front office always has a smile on their face. I wasn't sure what to expect with the mixed reviews but this is a great doctor and staff.

                           Charles Austin

I've been going to Dr. Hugh for years now and I've been very satisfied.  He's very easy to talk to,  listens to my problem and doesn't hesitate to refer me to specialist when needed.  I've never had a problem with the office staff either,  it's easy to make an appointment ,  they always ask me whether I want to make an appointment at the Lakewood or La Palma office. They've been very nice to me and I plan to stay with Dr. Hugh for a long time.

                  Medy E.

It's about time for me reviewing Good Life Medical Group, good team work offices run by Dr. Hugh in La Palma and Lakewood CA. Although these offices aren't new like some of the ones  I've known, but they're really high tech setting and more importantly that all of staff members are friendly helpful, and great treatments from Dr. Hugh. He always listens to my problems, figures out my medical needs, sometime refers to specialists, and always gives me good advice. I've visited both offices for about 2 years,  I like to let my friends and Dr. Hugh's offices know that I really pleased with their services.

                        Joseph K.


a nurse for our family doctor and pediatrician in Lakewood, and La Palma

Welcome to GLMG

Our Value Added Services

Our Value Added Services

 Here at Good Life Medical Group, our family doctor, pediatrician and primary care physician strive towards a holistic approach to medicine by integrating social, emotional, and other life aspects that are vital for providing you with the best medical care.  Our healthcare team is continuously working hard to adapt to the rapidly evolving field of medicine and are here to address your needs, from newborns in diapers to folks in their Golden Years.  We hope to grow with you throughout the years and have you as a part of our family.  Welcome to the Good Life! 

Our nursing staff for family doctor and pediatrician in Lakewood and La Palma

Our Value Added Services

Our Value Added Services

Our Value Added Services

 We offer below special family doctor, pediatrician and primary care physician services in both of our locations in Lakewood in L.A. County and La Palma in Orange County: 


 Opiate Addiction Treatment

 Osteopathic Manipulation

 Fluoride Varnish for Children

 Ear Piercing with Blomdahl earing

 Medical Weight Loss Program

 Lung Function Test (Pulmonary Function Test)

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